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The 15 Second Story System
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You spoke and we listened. Every time a new member signs up for IOTM, we send them a survey. The last question is, "What is your biggest struggle in your music career right now?". By far, the most popular response involves building a fanbase.

In response, we’ve spent the last few months putting together a unique solution that helps indie artists solve that problem.

Due to the pandemic, touring isn't an option right now. So obviously, we have to move to an online strategy. But how do we build a fanbase online? 

There’s a lot of hype right now about Tik Tok, before that it was Instagram, before that SoundCloud, Facebook, and the list goes on and on.

Since 2008, Spotify has only grown to become the king of music discovery with a global audience, currently at 286,000,000 active users. But we don’t need to convince you of the importance of Spotify. Love it or hate it, it’s only getting bigger. 

We’ve spent the last few months developing a Spotify promotion strategy that is simple, highly effective that anyone can do. 

What if we told you that you only had to spend an hour or 2 per month on promotion? Then you could focus the majority of your energy making music, not marketing or pitching!


Case Study: Matt Santry

Struggling with a presence on Spotify, Matt Santry began this case study at less than 100 monthly listeners and a Popularity Index Score of 3 out of 100. 

On September 1st, 2020, he released a new single. After 10 days of using the 15 Second Story System, his track was picked up by Release Radar and hit 3.1k listeners in 1 day. At that point, Matt turned off the campaign. 

Just 4 weeks after his single was released, he jumped to a Popularity Index of 24 with 15K monthly listeners and 27K streams on the new single.

Case Study: Everything Turned to Color

With an average daily budget of $5/day, Everything Turned to Color was able to gain 209 new followers in just 4 weeks. 
Followers become listeners. The followers increased Everything Turned to Color's streams by 270%. Now these followers will get notified each time the band has a new release available. 


Don't you need a HUGE budget to get great results?
It always help to have a large budget, but with a minimum of $5/day you can expect to grow your Spotify followers by 150-300+ followers a month. And the best news - Spotify followers also stream your music, growing your listener base.
I thought you had to invest a ton of TIME into learning advertising?
Sure, but we've done all the hard work for you. We've stress tested these advanced strategies so you don't have to. If you can follow along with the video tutorials and create simple 15 second videos with your phone, then you can grow your Instagram, Facebook and Spotify followers with ease. Once you set it all up, you only need an hour or 2 per month to optimize it, so you can spend more time making music!
Yeah, but playlist pitching doesn't cost anything, right?
It definitely costs a lot of time. The best practices involve 1-2 hours a day spent researching playlists, the playlist owners contact information, and then cold messaging them. After a few months of this, you may wind up on a playlist(s). 

And it can actually be really expensive. A lot of User Generated Playlist owners want a fee in exchange for placement on their playlists. There you can see how quality control is an issue. Speaking of which, if there's any bot activity on these playlists, Spotify can take your music down. No questions asked. 

What People Are Saying... 

Stylo Beddoe

I saw over 20,000 streams on Spotify, the first week or releasing my new record and over 200 new Instagram followers. So I highly recommend the course for anyone trying to build their Spotify.


As a self-promoted singer songwriter, [IOTM's] 15 second story system has helped me to take a big step beyond the “family & friends” format in terms of live performance.
 The notion that I could use Spotify, Instagram and Facebook and as platforms to promote and market myself to the world at large, create new fans and followers and go to them to perform live has completely changed my concept of what my music career could be.
On a technical level Matt really gets into the "fine grain" of how this all works. What to do, what not to do, what's worked for him and what hasn't. Fan base development, budgeting, recording, touring, It's all there. [IOTM's] 15 second story system has gotten me back into the the game as a self promoted artist.

Phantom Phunk

Honestly, the 15 second video course is the best toolkit collection we've seen for music marketing. We've been having each of our band members scroll through the different sections to brush up on things we have had to learn the hard way, and also on things we have heard about but just haven't really looked into yet. So I mean it's awesome that it's all there in one place.

Luke Sweeney

Recently I enrolled in their [IOTM's] '15-second story system', which walks you through the process of setting up your own algorithmic outreach for streaming platforms upon any release. The nuts and bolts are laid out really plainly and clearly for a luddite such as myself. 
By applying this strategy, I was able to push my latest single to heights that none of my previous releases have reached - without the help of a label or publicist.
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